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Google+ is a place to connect with friends and family, and explore all of your interests. Share photos, send messages, and stay in touch with the people in your circles.



The general Google Terms of Service apply to this app.


  • Google+ is a collaboration tool that lets you use social networking in different ways.
  • You can have “circles” of people; e.g., friends, business associates, family.
  • You can also create Hangouts, where you can video chat, share documents and conduct business.
  • You can create a Hangout on the fly or in advance and restrict it to invitees only.
  • A Hangout is limited to 15 participants.
  • By reducing travel and in-person meetings, Google+ can reduce business costs.
    Google requires all users of Google+ to be at least 13 years old.

    • When prompted for your birth date, enter it very carefully.
    • If you accidentally enter a date that indicates you are younger than 13, your entire G Suite account—including Gmail and Calendar—will be locked out.


  • All three functions of Google+ — social media, video conferencing and photo sharing — have accessibility problems.
  • If your audience may contain someone who uses assistive technology, you should look for an alternative application:
    • For video conferencing, see Zoom at NC State.
    • For social media, other forms of communication may be more appropriate.
    • For photo sharing, other ways of sharing the pictures would be better.

Student consent?

Before using this app to share student information, you may need to obtain your students’ consent as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). See FERPA Forms.


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