G Suite Best Practices


Time: 2:00 – 2:45pm

Location: Talley Student Union – Room 3222

Come hear 3 Lighting Talks on Best Practices using G Suite for three unique purposes.

G Suite Focus

Drive Organization & Sharing

Drive your productivity to the next level by organizing folders, sharing files, configuring different sharing options and more!

Jenny Baglio

Senior, Nuclear Engineering & German Studies


Student Collaboration using G Suite

GSuite has allowed for groups to increase productivity and mobility when it comes to project work. This presentation will dive into teamwork and collaboration–both within our campus community and examples from student organizations that network around the nation. We will explore working towards a common goal using Google applications.

Kalene Hanson

Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering


University Committee Collaboration

The adoption of Google docs by our campus has provided a straightforward way for committees and teams to privately (and publicly) share documents such as meeting minutes and shared files. Having a method to readily share documents allows an increased level of ease, access and transparency into committee business as well as enables teams to share documents immediately. This presentation will provide examples of approaches, leveraging Google, that committees and teams are using to share, communicate and document work for increased transparency and accountability.

Dr. Donna Petherbridge

Associate Vice Provost, DELTA

Teaching Assistant Professor, College of Education