Taking G Suite to the Next Level


Time: 2:00 – 2:45pm

Location: Talley Student Union – Room 3285

Come hear 3 Lighting Talks on how NC State users have taken the next step in using advanced G Suite and other Google tools to level up their teaching and learning experiences.

G Suite Focus

YouTube & Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality has been used in entertainment for some time now, but as this technology is improving and becoming more affordable, educators are finding ways to incorporate it into their existing courses as a way to augment traditional teaching pedagogies. The beauty of virtual reality is that it allows the learner to experience a situation prior to being in that situation first-hand, which may improve self-efficacy in skill building and elicit deeper feelings of empathy. With YouTube as a easy archiving system, we can provide students with virtual reality experiences to prepare them to see and feel what it is like to teach in a community classroom, before ever stepping foot into one.

Dr. Natalie Cooke

Teaching Assistant Professor, Food, Bioprocessing & Nutrition Sciences


Research Tools

Using G Suite tools as a graduate student.

Laura Pierrie

MSA Student, College of Education


Slides Q&A

A brief introduction to the use of Google Slides Q&A and the utilization of Jeopardy in a foundation level course. A discussion including what we did that worked well, what we learned, and how we will move forward.

Karen Leonas

Professor, College of Textiles