Teaching & Research with G Suite


Time: 1:00 – 1:45pm

Location: Talley Student Union – Room 3222

Come hear 3 Lighting Talks on how faculty and staff have leveraged G Suite and other Google tools for purposes of teaching and research here at NC State.

G Suite Focus

Google Docs & Classroom

Google Docs, Google Classroom, and Doctopus/Goobrics are useful in the classroom to increase collaboration and ease of distributing and collecting work. Presentation will introduce Doctopus and Goobrics and provide an overview of how the Google suite can be integrated in the classroom.

Dr. Erin Thomas Horne

Assistant Director of Professional Education
Clinical Assistant Professor
SUCCEED Director of Research
College of Education


Google Maps & Lucidchart Diagrams

Incorporating interactive experiences into an online science course presents many challenges. This presentation will explain how Google Maps and Lucidchart Diagrams (a Google add-on) were used to create teaching solutions for an online plant pathology course.

Arlene Mendoza-Moran

Research Technician, Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology


Google Scholar / Research

Google tools, add-ons in Drive, extensions to Chrome, the omnibox and more can be used to help students/faculty research effectively, collect data, assess student learning, visualize data and more. We will discuss how students and faculty can be guided to use Google to achieve goals in emerging technologies, the research process, instruction and research efficiency. Attendees will leave with access to a support website of tools and usage/instruction examples.

Kerri Brown Parker

Librarian, College of Education METRC


Jennifer Garrett

Research Librarian, NC State Libraries