Team Drive Request Form

Team Drive is now available for users in our NC State domain, but at the current time, they must be requested rather than created by end users. Team Drives can be requested for projects, committees, departments, or other team related purposes.

Before requesting a Team Drive, please consider the following:

  • Team Drives are owned by the domain (NC State) rather than individuals.
  • Team Drives must initially identify a Team Drive “Organizer” who will be given FULL access. This will allow that person to add new members or groups, and correctly manage files and folders (creating, deleting). This Organizer can also give other team members FULL access.
  • Folders and documents stored in a Team Drive can be accessed by all members of that Team Drive.
    • Permissions are done at a Team level for folders.
    • Individual files can have different permissions for non-team individuals (but Folders cannot).
  • OIT recommends that to more efficiently manage your Team Drive, you create a Google Group for your team members if you do not already have one.
  • Information in Team Drive is Vaulted for e-discovery and retention.
  • Cloudlock does not currently scan Team Drive folders for sensitive data. At this time, OIT recommends only Yellow Data and below be stored in Team Drives until further notice.
  • NC State may modify Team Drive settings for NC State compliance purposes.

For more information about the differences between Team Drive and My Drive, visit:


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