Working With Google Workspace @ NC State



Generic Accounts

generic account is a full-featured Google account for a particular role in your unit. Generic accounts can be used to avoid tying a business process to an individual user’s account.

Google Workspace Groups at NC State

A Google Workspace Group  provides an easy way to communicate with groups of people, schedule meetings, and manage permissions on files and folders.

Contacts at NC State

Your Contacts contain all Google workspace @ NC State users except those with privacy blocks, making it easy to email, share, and collaborate with others on campus.

Using Calendar

Beyond the primary calendar for each user or generic account, additional calendars can be created with Calendar to handle a variety of calendar scheduling needs.

Download Your Data

If you are leaving NC State and would like to take files and other data with you, Google provides some tools to assist.You can export and download your data from the Google products you use.

Your Suggestions

We welcome your input on ways to improve your experience with Google Workspace @ NC State, including questions you may have regarding the availability of a particular 3rd party app. Please take a moment to drop us a note with your suggestion.

Core Apps

Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Google Apps. 

Consumer Apps

What’s the difference?

Core Apps are supported by NC State and included in NC State’s agreement with Google.

Consumer Apps are available to NC State users but are not supported by NC State. An additional Terms of Service agreement is required to use one of these apps.

Core & Consumer Apps