Google Workspace @ NC State

Google Workspace Storage Project

Google discontinued unlimited storage for its higher education clients. NC State has established storage quotas on all accounts for Drive, Gmail, and Shared Drives.

Storage Quotas

  • 100 GB: Faculty & staff, Extension Only County Collaborators, and Emeritus faculty
  • 15 GB: Students
  • 15 GB:  per shared drive
  • 5 GB: Generic accounts and “Other” – Unpaid classifications such as retirees, vendors

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If you are one of the 10% of users who are above your quota, you received a temporary exception and need to reduce your storage by fall of 2024.

Can I Buy More?

At this time, Google does not offer the option for individuals or college units and departments to purchase additional storage. The Google Service Team is working to address this challenge, but there are no immediate solutions for anyone to obtain more storage capacity beyond the current allotment.

Google Reduction Timeline

June 2024

  • All undergraduate student exceptions removed; all undergraduate quotas at 15 GB
  • All graduate student (with temporary) exceptions lowered to 100 GB

July 2024

  • Removal of 100 TB employee exceptions; step down to 10 TB exception

September 2024

  • All graduate student exceptions removed; all graduate student quotas at 15 GB
  • Deletion of unattended shared drives; Unmanaged shared drives
  • Removal of 10 TB employee exceptions; step down to 1 TB exception

See detailed reduction timeline and communications plan