Core Apps and Consumer Apps

Two categories of Google Apps, governed by different Terms of Service, are available at NC State.

Core Apps

Consumer Apps

  • Governed by agreements (Terms of Service) between you the user and Google. Most Consumer apps are governed by the general Google Terms of Service, but some have app-specific Terms of Service.
  • Not supported by NC State.
  • Only a selection of Consumer apps have been enabled for use at NC State.
  • Enabling them lets you use your NC State credentials (Unity ID and password) when you need the apps for school or work.
  • Because these Consumer apps have already been enabled at NC State, you must agree to their Terms of Service before you can access ANY Core or Consumer app, even if you don’t plan to use any Consumer apps.
  • These Terms of Service do not apply to you until you use a Consumer app.
  • You must acknowledge that you are at least 13 years old and enter your birthdate.
    CAUTION: Be sure to enter your birthdate correctly; if it indicates that you are under 13 years old, you will be locked out of your entire Google account, including your Gmail and Calendar.
  • See list of Consumer Apps available at NC State.
  • Questions regarding the availability of a third-party app can be submitted using this suggestion form.

Terms of Service

The following illustration summarizes these characteristics and requirements for Core and Consumer apps at NC State.