Third-party Apps


Marketplace or Third-Party Apps

Many Google products can offer additional functionality when combined with a Marketplace app (sometimes called third-party app or add-on), which is an application created by an individual developer or company that isn’t the vendor of the product, service or the device the app runs on (e.g., not Google). 

Google has many Marketplace apps available to use with Workspace and many of these have been made available in NC State’s Google Workspace domain. Whether or not an app can be made available depends on several factors, including a review of the app’s Terms of Service, a security review to understand the permissions the app is asking for, and any other items to note (e.g., cost, which typically makes it harder to approve since the app would have to be campus-wide).  

To see if an app is already available in our domain, search Google Workspace Add-ons or visit your Marketplace Dashboard.

Unapproved/Previously Installed Marketplace Apps

The Google Service Team (GST) has received reports that previously installed but not approved Marketplace add-ons have stopped working and are no longer available for install. These Marketplace add-ons had not undergone a formal review process but were allowed to continue working for those users who installed them prior to 2020. They were not available for new installs on campus. Unfortunately Google has closed the loophole on these “unapproved” apps and they no longer function in this state.

We recognize the inconvenience and disruption to business processes this has caused some units. While we knew Google had been working to improve how Marketplace add-ons are managed and secured, we were not given any notice by Google that add-ons in this particular state would cease to function as Marketplace administration changed. We are not the only institution impacted by this change.

The GST is reviewing some of the more popular add-ons and working to identify potential replacements that may have already been approved for use. For those that are not already approved, they will need to go through the formal review process, which focuses primarily on the scope of permissions requested.  While most of the impacted add-ons are already in the review queue, reviews take time to complete and even then, we can’t guarantee that the add-on will be allowed for install in our domain. There is typically a higher approval success rate for apps that limit access to gmail or calendar only, as well as those that only ask for access to files created or modified by the add-on. Those with broader access permissions may not be approved. You can review permission requests for an app in the Marketplace.

In the interim, we encourage you to review the currently approved add-ons in our domain for a possible alternative solution. We appreciate your patience as we work through these issues. 

Request & Support for Marketplace apps

To request a Marketplace app for our campus, submit a ServiceNow request by visiting the IT Service Portal and submitting a Google Workspace Marketplace request.

The NC State Help Desk provides only limited support for Marketplace apps. Users accept the risk for installing and using these apps. Often the best support option is visiting the app’s website or searching Google’s support pages.

Chrome Extensions

The Google Service Team (GST) often gets asked about Chrome Extensions and their availability. Because OIT doesn’t manage what browsers users can use on campus, the only current requirement for Chrome Extensions is to have them go through a Terms of Service review similar to other Clickwrap apps. Submit a Clickwrap Review form to start the process. 

Questions should be directed to the NC State IT Service Portal (919.515.4357).