Third-party Apps

Third-party Apps

Many Google products can be enhanced and offer additional functionality when combined with a third-party app, an application created by an individual developer or company that isn’t the vendor of the products/service or device the app runs on (e.g., not Google). 

Google has many third-party apps available to use with their products, and many of these have been made available in NC State’s G Suite domain. Whether or not an app can be made available depends on several factors, including a review of the app’s Terms of Service, a security review to understand the permissions the app is asking for, and any other items to note (such as cost which typically makes it harder to approve, since the app would have to be campus-wide).

To see if an app is already available in our domain, search the Reviewed Clickwraps (i.e., search on “Google” or the specific app name; e.g., “Form Publisher”).

To request a third-party app, fill out the Suggestion Form to start the review process.

Support for third-party apps

The NC State Help Desk provides limited support for third-party apps. Users accept the risk for installing and using these third-party apps. Often your best option for support is to visit the third-party app’s website or search Google’s support pages.

Questions should be directed to the NC State Help Desk (, 919.515.4357).

Third-party apps available for campus

The Office of Information Technology has site licensed two apps for campus that provide assistance with some of our more commonly requested tasks. This list is not exhaustive of third party apps available in our domain and more will be added at a later date.

Yet Another Mail Merge – YAMM

  • YAMM is a Gmail add-on for users that allows you to perform a mail merge. It’s a simple, easy program to use and allows for customization and the ability to  automatically send emails to up to 1,500 recipients per day.
  • OIT has purchased an Enterprise license for campus.

Form Publisher

  • A Google forms add-on that is easy to use and lets you turn your Google Form submissions into Google documents (Docs, Sheets, Slides), Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and/or PDFs.
  • Also allows for sharing or routing your generated files automatically for approvals and sign-offs to a predefined mailing list.
  • OIT has purchased a Business Premium license for campus.