Consumer App


Video sharing, storage, and distribution service



The general Google Terms of Service and the YouTube Terms of Service apply to this app.


  • lets billions of people discover, watch and share original videos.
  • provides a forum for people to connect with, inform and inspire others across the globe
  • acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

NC State’s YouTube channel

 has an impressive, growing collection of current and historical clips covering academics, sports and other aspects of campus life.

YouTube on your mobile device

  • For mobile devices, get the YouTube app on your Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from the Apple Apps Store.


  • Each video uploaded to YouTube must contain a transcript.
  • YouTube’s speech recognition software is not accurate enough to replace a manually created transcript.
  • YouTube will automatically synchronize your uploaded transcript to your video.

Student consent?

Before using this app to share student information, you may need to obtain your students’ consent as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). See FERPA Forms.

Best Practices

  • Unity Account:
    • A Unity account can have its own YouTube channel but only the employee is considered the owner.
    • Caution: YouTube is a consumer service – NC State has limitations in managing if an employee separates.
    • For a separating employee, if the YouTube content needs to remain with the business unit, the employee needs to move or re-own the YouTube channel to a Brand account and make the primary owner a generic account (see Brand account information below). If the YouTube content is of a personal nature and the employee would like to transfer it to a consumer Google account, the employee should use Google Take-out to export the videos.
  • Brand Account:
    • YouTube videos for a business unit or purpose should be set up as a Brand account. A Brand account is an account that is specifically for your brand (e.g., HelpDesk services).
    • The primary owner of the Brand account must be a Google generic account. This account is different from your personal/Unity Google account. If a channel is linked to a Brand account, multiple people can manage it from their Google accounts. You don’t need a separate username or password to manage YouTube channels with a Brand account.


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