Contacts in G Suite @ NC State

In G Suite @ NC State, Contacts (also known as Google Apps Directory, Global Address List, Global Address Book) allows you to easily find persons to collaborate with; e.g., send email, share documents, invite to events.

Contents of NC State Contacts

  • All users of G Suite @ NC State except those with privacy blocks. See Personal Information and Privacy.
  • Additional contacts that administrators have approved; e.g., generic accounts, G Suite Groups

Accessing NC State Contacts

  • Within Gmail, in the upper left of the window, click on the down arrow by the word Mail.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Contacts.
  • When you search within Contacts, results from your personal Contacts will appear first, followed by results from NC State Contacts.
  • The NC State Contacts list is automatically invoked to autofill certain fields in:
    • Gmail (e.g., To:, CC:, BCC:)
    • Calendar (e.g., when sending invitations; Add: Guests)
    • Drive (e.g., when sharing Docs; Share list)

Requesting an addition to NC State Contacts

  • You may submit a request to add any of the following to NC State Contacts:
    • email address
    • generic account
    • G Suite Group
    • sub-calendar
  • You may submit a request as part of the creation and management process for a generic account or a G Suite Group at Web Registry.
  • You may also submit a request for other types of contacts at Web Registry.

When requesting an addition, you will be prompted to enter:

  • Display Name (First and Last)
  • Email Address
  • Brief Description
  • Entry Type; e.g., External Contact, Service Contact

Examples of entries that will be considered for addition to NC State Contacts

  • G Suite calendars that should be viewable by all of campus
  • Email aliases for certain campus services
  • Non-G Suite mailing lists


For additional information about NC State Contacts within G Suite @ NC State, contact the NC State Help Desk.