Contacts in G Suite @ NC State

In G Suite @ NC State, Contacts (also known as Google Apps Directory, Global Address List, Global Address Book) allows you to easily find persons to collaborate with; e.g., send email, share documents, invite to events.

Contents of NC State Contacts

  • All users of G Suite @ NC State except those with privacy blocks. See Personal Information and Privacy.
  • Additional contacts that administrators have approved; e.g., generic accounts, G Suite Groups

Accessing NC State Contacts

  1. Within Gmail, in the upper left of the window,
    click on the down arrow by the word Mail.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Contacts.
  3. When you search within Contacts, results from your personal Contacts will appear first, followed by results from NC State Contacts.
  4. The NC State Contacts list is automatically invoked to autofill certain fields in:
    1. Gmail (e.g., To:, CC:, BCC:)
    2. Calendar (e.g., when sending invitations; Add: Guests)
    3. Drive (e.g., when sharing Docs; Share list)

Requesting an addition to NC State Contacts

  • You may submit a request to add any of the following to NC State Contacts:
    • email address
    • generic account
    • G Suite Group
    • sub-calendar
  • You may submit a request as part of the creation and management process for a generic account or a G Suite Group at Web Registry.
  • You may also submit a request for other types of contacts at Web Registry.

When requesting an addition, you will be prompted to enter:

  • Display Name (First and Last)
  • Email Address
  • Brief Description
  • Entry Type; e.g., External Contact, Service Contact

Examples of entries that will be considered for addition to NC State Contacts

  • G Suite calendars that should be viewable by all of campus
  • Email aliases for certain campus services
  • Non-G Suite mailing lists


For additional information about NC State Contacts within G Suite @ NC State, contact the NC State IT Service Portal.