Google Workspace Group @ NC State Request

  • A Google Workspace Group provides a communication platform via email as well as a web interface.
  • It can be requested by NC State students, faculty and staff.
  • It is dynamic, meaning that as people are added or removed from the group, permissions (Docs/Drive) and calendar invites are also updated.
  • It can be used for:
    • managing discussions
    • group or personal settings
    • finding a meeting time (busy search)
    • scheduling appointments for members who have Google accounts.
  • The group owners can configure access permissions; e.g., restricted, moderated.
  • For additional information, see Groups.

Requesting a Google WorkspaceGroup

Go to Web Registry, where you will be prompted for the following:

  • Google Workspace Group Display Name, Account Name and Group Description
    • Group email address (for communication among members) is in this format:
  • Administrative and Technical Contacts
    Unity IDs of all the people who will be responsible for:

    • answering technical questions about your group’s usage
    • renewing your group annually.
    • Contacts should be updated whenever someone leaves your department and should be reviewed annually.
  • Global Directory and Group Directory Inclusion
    • By default the visibility for your Google Group in the Group Directory is ON (Group Directory setting)
    • This means that your group will also be visible in Google’s Global Directory (e.g., when composing an email message). If you turn off the visibility, your Group will not be listed or visible to NC State users via Contacts.
    • By default, your group’s messages are not archived and not viewable through the group’s web interface.
    • If you want your group’s messages archived for viewing on the web, then indicate that in the Discussion section of the request form.

Processing your Group request

  • A Google Workspace Group is not created until a request is reviewed and approved by an administrator.
  • A request is usually processed within 3-5 business days.

Deleting a Group

  • You can request that a Google Workspace Group be deleted by submitting a request in Web Registry.
  • A request is usually processed within 3 days, although we typically wait 30 days before processing the delete request since a deleted group cannot be recovered.


Contact the NC State IT Service Portal.