G Suite Group @ NC State Request

  • A G Suite Group provides a communication platform via email as well as a web interface.
  • It can be requested by NC State students, faculty and staff.
  • It is dynamic, meaning that as people are added or removed from the group, permissions (Docs/Drive) and calendar invites are also updated.
  • It can be used for:
    • managing discussions
    • group or personal settings
    • finding a meeting time (busy search)
    • scheduling appointments for members who have Google accounts.
  • The group owners can configure access permissions; e.g., restricted, moderated.

Requesting a G Suite Group

Go to Web Registry, where you will be prompted for the following:

  • G Suite Group Display Name, Account Name and Group Description
    • Group email address (for communication among members) is in this format:
  • Administrative and Technical Contacts
    Unity IDs of all people who will be responsible for:

    • answering technical questions about your group’s usage
    • renewing your group annually.
  • Global Address List Inclusion
    • You may request that your G Suite Group be listed in the Global Address List inside G Suite @ NC State.
    • If your group and its email address should be visible to all users on G Suite @ NC State, then this box should be checked.
    • To learn more about inclusion in the Global Address List, visit NC State Contacts.
    • By default, group’s messages are not archived and not viewable through the group’s web interface.
    • If you want your group’s messages archived for viewing on the web, then indicate that in the Discussion section of the request form.

Processing your request

  • A G Suite Group is not created until a request is reviewed and approved by an administrator.
  • A request will usually be processed within 5-7 business days.


Contact the NC State Help Desk.