Contacts: Delegation

  • You can delegate full access to the contacts in your “My Contacts” group without granting access to your mail or anything else in your accounts.
  • This is a common  practice between some executive users and their assistants and may be used in any situation where a user wishes to share all of his or her contacts with another user.

Important Notes

  • You can delegate contacts only to Google Apps @ NC State users.
  • Users to whom you have delegated contacts will be able to edit your contacts.
  • Contacts delegation is all or nothing; you cannot delegate a subset of your contacts.

Best Practices

To share with a group of people (e.g., unit, department):

  1. Add all the contacts to a generic account (request one via Web Registry).
    This ensures the contacts are stored and managed centrally rather than by a single individual who may leave the university.
  2. Delegate the contacts from that generic account to an appropriate individual or Google Group.
  3. Tell those people about the delegated contacts, so they can delete any duplicates in their own account.

For more information, see Delegate contacts on Google’s website.