Finding the Right Contact

Find the person you’re looking for

On the large NC State campus, some people are likely to have the same or very similar names. To avoid confusion and delay in contacting someone, it’s good practice to make sure you have the correct contact information for that person.

As you start typing a contact’s name for a Gmail message or Google Workspace Calendar appointment, you’ll be offered a list of possibilities. If you need more information in order to choose correctly, the Campus Directory may help. It shows departmental affiliation for Faculty and Staff members. There are a couple of options for using the Directory.

Help other people find you

Adding your photo to your Gmail/Google+ account profile will ensure that people who recognize you will choose the correct person to contact. For instructions, see Change your Gmail profile picture.

Alternatively, you can download a generic picture, one that identifies only your campus role: Faculty/Staff or Student.

  • If you are a student working part-time on campus, your primary role is Student.
    Download this generic Student Profile Picture:
  • If you are a faculty or staff member taking a course, your primary role is Faculty/Staff.
    Download the generic Faculty/Staff Profile Picture (login required).

If you need assistance

If you have any questions about using a profile picture or installing the extensions, contact the NC State IT Service Portal.